IV infusions have become a rapidly growing method to maintain energy, hydration, and metabolism levels at a healthy balance. Many people, including A-list celebrities, have been turning to clinics such as Infuzio and getting hooked up to the IV infusions more as opposed to taking vitamins orally as they have been proven more effective bringing the patient to an instant 100% balance. Rihanna, Simon Cowell, Cara Delevigne, Cindy Crawford and Madonna are just a few that have reportedly been receiving IV treatments and swear by it, as stated in ABC news.

Infuzio has 7 different effective IV treatments available, in addition to cocktail assortments of vitamins and minerals. Celebs have been using the treatments for hangover cures, stabilize cholesterol and energy boosts after long plane rides (jet lag is no fun) or while on tour. “In all honestly as I walk out of the building I feel better than I have in months. I have energy, I feel fresh, I am on top of the world,” Lottie Lumsden raves in Cosmopolitan. The best part about the IV treatment process is that our trained professionals make the vitamin and mineral blends tailor made to meet the patient’s needs. Book your appointment with us today at Infuzio and start your path towards a healthier version of you!




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