Company Introduction

Infuzio Med Spa's Coverage in Boca Magazine

See our coverage in Boca Magazine (May/June 2016 Issue)

Infuzio is a contemporary med spa designed to offer medical treatments that soothe the body, mind and senses. Our various therapeutic regimens will hasten recovery from acute illness and bolster wellness to allow one to continue with a busy schedule and not skip a beat.

Infuzio Medspa was established to provide IV therapy and medical services that have immediate impact on your health and well being. Active lifestyles place stress on the human body predisposing you to dehydration, common illness and hangovers which result in headaches, generalized fatigue and body aches. IV therapy and IV vitamin boosters will result in rapid hydration and restoration of organic chemical balance, thereby relieving the common symptoms. This treatment regimen is often termed “supportive care” in the hospital setting. Our well trained medical staff and surreal environment will ensure a pleasurable and unique experience.

Schedule an appointment with our medical staff to restore oneself to optimal health, preparing one’s body and mind for the demanding tasks at hand.


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