Body Logic MD™

What is Integrative Medicine?

Integrative Medicine is an approach to healthcare that puts patients at the center and addresses the full range of emotional, mental, social, physical, spiritual and environmental influences which can affect their health. This practice involves a much more comprehensive approach to medicine, where no generalizations can apply to individuals and every assessment is as unique as a fingerprint. Integrative medicine utilizes a health assessment on every component of the patient’s well-being; everything from lifestyle to diagnostics and biochemistry. Unlocking this enhanced code of your personal makeup allows Infuzio practitioners provide more integrative, detailed programs improving wellness outcomes. Infuzio has partnered with Body Logic MD to deliver the most safe and effective integrative treatment protocols restoring youth and vitality.

Benefits to Integrative Medicine

Finding a wellness center that specializes in integrative medicine is an excellent way to prevent future medical issues from developing. Some benefits to this proactive approach include:

  • Comprehensive approach to wellness
  • Treating the whole person – not just one single condition
  • Setting a benchmark for one’s overall health to compare
  • Prevent future medical issues from developing
  • Add to primary care physician and specialist recommendations

Personalized Methods at Infuzio

Infuzio is here to help you reach your wellness goals. If you have any excessive body stress, you owe it to yourself to visit Infuzio for diagnostic screenings. Generally, Integrative medicine is not like a prescription you need to take. It is a successful, patient-centered approach for everyone who cares about their health and the fine details. The integrative health evaluation Infuzio administers is a close inspection of your body’s health and wellness influencers. If you have issues with your digestion, our nutritional diets can be formulated to match your exact metabolic code. If you need extra protection against illnesses and a stronger immune system IV nutritional therapy can be implemented too - whatever fits your specific diagnostic results. We tailor every single integrative medicine plan signature to each patient to ensure the most successful results for their health goals. Infuzio looks forward to helping you find the right balance to your overall wellness. To get your integrative medicine consultation started call us at 561-756-9251 or fill out a form below.