Chelation Therapy

At Infuzio

What is Chelation Therapy?

Chelation therapy has been used for many years in the treatment of heavy metal poisoning, such as toxicity from lead, iron, arsenic and other metallic elements. A “chelator” is the medication that is introduced into the patient to bind and remove these heavy metal toxins from the body. One well-known chelator which has been extensively and safely used for years is called “EDTA”, or “Ethylenediaminetetraacetic acid”. EDTA is the chelator that we use at Infuzio to perform our chelation therapy. Here at Infuzio we consider chelation therapy to be a form of vascular rejuvenation! Read below to learn about all the vascular and inflammatory conditions being treated and potentially even reversed with the utilization of EDTA chelation therapy protocols!

What can chelation therapy do for me?

Atherosclerosis, or “hardening of the arteries” is associated with, and at least partially caused by, the deposition of calcium that is found in artery-clogging plaques. It is this progressive accumulation of arterial plaque and calcium that can eventually lead to significant health problems- sometimes even death. The type of disease that a patient experiences due to atherosclerosis depends on what arteries are being affected by plaque and calcium deposits:

  • In the heart these deposits can cause coronary artery disease and lead to heart attack and even sudden death
  • In the arteries that bring blood to the brain these plaques and calcium deposits can lead to stroke, disability, and sometimes death
  • In the arteries that allow blood flow to the extremities, particularly the legs, these deposits and plaques may result in peripheral vascular disease with chronic pain and sometimes even resulting in the loss of part of or even an entire arm or leg
  • In the arteries that are responsible for bringing blood to the penis, these plaques and calcium deposits can result in erectile dysfunction
  • Some also suggest that EDTA can act as an antioxidant and protect against the damaging effects of chronic inflammation. In this regard, chelation therapy is also used to treat osteoarthritis and other inflammation-related conditions.

Medical proponents of chelation therapy believe that using chelation therapy to remove the calcium deposits in these arteries can restore healthy blood flow and potentially reverse these disease processes! In fact, the TACT trial in 2014 involved the analysis of over 1700 patients and demonstrated superior clinical outcomes in patients who have had heart attacks in terms of prevention of new events or the need for further procedures!


With Infuzio’s chelation therapy infusion treatments, you can address the underlying cause of these vascular disorders and potentially reverse the cause of your symptoms rather than taking medication band-aids to simply cover them up! Don’t go to a random clinic or infusion center to address your vascular health- here at Infuzio our chelation therapies are designed and administered as they should be everywhere- by a board-certified cardiologist! Here at Infuzio, all of our vascular rejuvenating chelation infusions are performed under the direct orders and supervision of our board-certified cardiologist, Dr. John Disilvestro!