Infuzio offers various IV nutrient regimens designed to suit your specific health needs. If you desire energy enhancement, recovery from self-limiting illness/strenuous activity, treatment of a specific medical condition or immunity enhancement to optimize overall health and well being, select an IV nutrient regimen from our menu to best achieve your health goal.

Your body requires fluids & nutrients in order to stay fit and maintain peak mental capacity. Unfortunately, most people do not receive adequate nutrition and therefore go through life experiencing a multitude of symptoms, which can include dehydration, headaches, fatigue, and muscle cramps.

Is there a better way to maintain balance & optimal health? Yes, there is. Intravenous infusions or IV Drips of fluids & nutrients have always been the most rapid & effective means of restoring balance. Delivered directly into your bloodstream, only fluids administered via IV can offer health benefits that take effect immediately & last for days.

Our IV Treatments

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Replenish your hydration levels to 100%, optimizing your blood volume and chemical balance so you stay hydrated for days!


Get immediate relief from hangovers, jet lag & fatigue with our anti-inflammatory/anti-nausea infusion.


Enhance your body’s defenses and boost immunity with our comprehensive infusion that leaves you feeling refreshed & revitalized.


Our modified Meyers cocktail is a complex blend of nutrients that will have you immediately feeling healthy from your skin to within!


Our specially formulated blend of minerals, vitamins, electrolytes & amino acids will optimize endurance yielding immediate results.


Get all the vitamins, minerals, electrolytes & amino acids necessary to restore & repair the catabolic effects of strenuous exercise.


Recover from the dehydration & fatigue that accompany dieting while regulating your metabolism to burn more fat & yield more energy!


Rejuvenate heart and blood vessels, improve liver and kidney function, and increase blood flow to the brain with chelation therapy at Infuzio.


Boost your immune system and prevent oxidative stress with a Vitamin C (L-ascorbic acid) IV infusion at Infuzio Med Spa.

iFocus NAD

Allow Infuzio NAD IV infusion treatments to enhance your longevity and contribute to your healthier, more vital and youthful lifestyle!


Improve your skin’s hydration, promote brain function and enhance weight loss process by accelerating results!

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