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Sep 9 2019

Why IV Vitamin Therapy is Better than your Multivitamin

What is IV Therapy? IV therapy is a new, innovative way to bring vital concentrations of vitamins directly ...
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Aug 9 2019

How to Make Sure Your Body is Beach Ready

The summer is just getting started, and the best way to make sure you enjoy every beach day ...
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Jul 12 2019

Pure Energy Boost

Push your body to the limit! There’s no need to settle for average health, when you can come ...
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May 20 2019

How IV Therapy Benefits the Immune System

IV therapy has been known to have a great deal of benefits and uses, so it’s no surprise ...
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Nov 29 2018

4 New Year Resolutions that can change your life in 2019

It is almost the time to flip the calendar because 2019 is approaching, do you want to make ...
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Nov 1 2018

The magic cure to hangovers

As we all know, a hangover is a series of unpleasant and uncomfortable signs or symptoms after drinking ...
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Aug 28 2018

Boosting Your Immune System With Infuzio

It is well known that your immune system can defend against a plethora of diseases, but when we’re ...
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Feb 9 2018

Celebrities are going crazy for IV vitamin cocktails!

IV therapy has become a new and upcoming trend amongst celebrities, athletes, and actors. IV therapy is customizable ...
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Jan 14 2018

Stick to a New Year’s Resolution at Infuzio

For your health, pick a new year’s resolution – and stick to it. Starting a new diet routine ...
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Nov 1 2017

South Florida Mobile IV Therapy Service

Have you ever been in need of an IV therapy session, but unable to come to the office? ...