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Celebrities are going crazy for IV vitamin cocktails!

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IV therapy has become a new and upcoming trend amongst celebrities, athletes, and actors. IV therapy is customizable to fit anyone’s needs, and helps patients to get their vitamins quickly. Patients find it beneficial to have a quick and easy way to get their nutrients directly into their blood stream, with assurance that they are…

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Stick to a New Year’s Resolution at Infuzio

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For your health, pick a new year’s resolution – and stick to it. Starting a new diet routine or health maintenance plan at the beginning of the year gives you a better timeline to track things. Infuzio wants to help you get things started to make 2018 a better year for your health and overall…

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South Florida Mobile IV Therapy Service

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Have you ever been in need of an IV therapy session, but unable to come to the office? Stuck at home with the kids, or have to stay home because people are working on your house? Bogged down with office work and can’t justify the long lunch break to come to the Infuzio office? At…

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Fitness, mind, and spirit: the connection the body and mind.

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Having a healthy lifestyle is a choice that can change your present and future. For that reason, is never late to start working on that. Physical activity, eating healthy and meditation are the three key factors that will guarantee your happiness. Many physicians strongly recommend at least 20 minutes of exercise per day at least…

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Celebrities and IV Therapy Treatments

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IV infusions have become a rapidly growing method to maintain energy, hydration, and metabolism levels at a healthy balance. Many people, including A-list celebrities, have been turning to clinics such as Infuzio and getting hooked up to the IV infusions more as opposed to taking vitamins orally as they have been proven more effective bringing…

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Infuzio Medspa Promoting IV Therapy On Campus

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On Dec. 7th the Infuzio Medspa marketing team went out to Lynn University’s campus to promote IV Therapy and Infuzio wellness treatments. Infuzio’s team took initiative to reach out to the local university’s student body about the tremendous benefits to their IV treatments. Their focal point was how IV infusion of fluids, vitamins, and nutrients…

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Are You Vitamin B Deficient?

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Nearly 1 in every 6 people do not get enough vitamin B-12, and many more are deficient in other vital B vitamins. So how do you know if you are one of these unfortunate individuals? Vitamin B deficiency can be difficult to detect. Its symptoms are often misidentified as something else, and biological or lifestyle…

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What Is “Myers’ IV Cocktail”?

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Those who are familiar with IV nutrient therapy may have heard the term “Myers’ cocktail,” perhaps used in the waiting rooms or brochures of med spas across the country. This treatment is actually the father of all IV treatments, and its father — Dr. John Myers  — is the father of every clinician who’s used infusion therapy as a luxury medical…

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Flush Out Seasonal Allergies With IV Therapy

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The sun is shining, the birds are buzzing, and the flowers are out. That’s right — it is officially springtime in Florida. Which means it is also allergy season. Yes, the sun may be lingering a few hours longer each day. But so is the pollen, dust, and mold that brings about those inconvenient seasonal allergies. If you don’t want…

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Recover, Refresh & Revitalize at Infuzio Med Spa
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