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Infuzio is a contemporary med spa designed to offer medical treatments that soothe the body, mind and senses. Our various therapeutic regimens will hasten recovery from acute illness and bolster wellness to allow one to continue with a busy schedule and not skip a beat.

Infuzio Medspa was established to provide IV therapy and medical services that have immediate impact on your health and well being. Active lifestyles place stress on the human body predisposing you to dehydration, common illness and hangovers which result in headaches, generalized fatigue and body aches. IV therapy and IV vitamin boosters will result in rapid hydration and restoration of organic chemical balance, thereby relieving the common symptoms. This treatment regimen is often termed “supportive care” in the hospital setting. Our well trained medical staff and surreal environment will ensure a pleasurable and unique experience.

Schedule an appointment with our medical staff to restore oneself to optimal health, preparing one’s body and mind for the demanding tasks at hand.

What sets Infuzio apart from other IV therapy Spas?

The benefit of an Infuzio infusion surpasses a lot of other IV hydration Spas out there! This is due to the fact that we have our physician Dr.DiSilvestro an award winning Cardiologist in the office at all times during you infusion. Having the physician in the office alongside our team of Registered Nurses gives you top notch care for all of your health goals and concerns. For each new visit you receive a personalized consultation with our Lead RN and Physician making your visit far more comprehensive than other facilities! Having the Doctor in also allows us to give far better dosages of each Vitamin and Nutrient that other IV Spas cannot provide without a physician in house. At Infuzio we can target any health goal under the sun! Whether it is for:

Stronger Hair, skin and Nails
To Boost your Immune System
To achieve Glowing from within skin
To heal inflammation and other ailments
To have a true Energy Boost with no Crash afterwards
To relieve a Hangover or a stressful week
To Cleanse or detoxify the Body and Liver
To receive High Dose Vitamin C treatments for Cancer and other Health concerns
To try the ultimate Anti-Aging Infusion NAD+ to repair damaged DNA and to achieve Mental Clarity and Focus
To heal from Post Covid Syndome
Or to just enhance you’re over all wellness!

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