Fitness, mind, and spirit: the connection the body and mind.

Having a healthy lifestyle is a choice that can change your present and future. For that reason, is never late to start working on that. Physical activity, eating healthy and meditation are the three key factors that will guarantee your happiness.

Many physicians strongly recommend at least 20 minutes of exercise per day at least 3 days a week as this can help to control your weight, and reduce your risk of diseases such as Diabetes, Cancer, and Cardiovascular problems. Moreover, if you practice any sport, don’t hesitate to include this in your daily routine because you will kill two birds with one stone. You will have the chance to do what you like and your body will start feeling in optimal condition.

Exercise has innumerable advantages, but one of the most impressive one is the improvement of your mental health and mood. Is not a secret that spending time doing physical activity can relieve the stress and anxiety caused by family problems, work, and unpleasant situations that human beings experience day by day. In one word, exercise is definitely included in the recipe for having a personal satisfaction.

Even though exercise is absolutely important, it has to be accompanied by healthy intake of vitamins, proteins and minerals that are necessary for your body. Unfortunately, the majority of the people do not know what and how to eat in order to have the proper amount of nutrients that the body needs. For that reason, it is important to consult a Physician and a Nutritionist who can help you to organize your meal plan.

Every human body is unique and that is why each of us need different amounts of nutrients. Consequently, there are different ways that people use in order to have a proper nutrition. One of them is to start changing their food habits, this can include consuming more proteins to increase the levels of B12 and calcium and/or increasing the intake of fruits and vegetables rich in potassium, vitamin A, C and D. The second alternative can be IV infusions that ensure the 100% absorption of these nutrients. This last one should be provided by physicians that after a complete diagnostic can suggest which kind of nutrients are lacking in your body and recommend the the perfect infusion for you.

Fitness, mind and spirit are three key aspects that people should work simultaneously in order to have your body working in an optimal condition. For that reason, meditation and prays are the last ingredient of the recipe as they are the way in which the spirit can find inner peace. Finally, the combination of these three will make you achieve the happiness that everybody is looking for.