Pure Energy Boost

Push your body to the limit! There’s no need to settle for average health, when you can come to Infuzio to get instantly recharged and refreshed. Infuzio offers a pure energy boost injectable that contains high levels of B12, provided for the nominal price of $25 per booster shot to make your wellness regiment more affordable. When you make the decision to improve your energy and health we provide our services in a beautiful spa with a relaxing and comfortable environment.

Vitamin B-12 a critical nutrient that regulates mood, improves memory, increases energy levels, and augments the immune system. And guess what? 1 in every 6 Americans don’t get enough of it. B-12 deficiency will result in fatigue and significant lack of energy, but our booster shot will immediately revive your batteries and give you the energy you need to tackle life head-on!

Getting your B12 intravenously has a much better and instant impact on your body. You gain more benefits of B12 intravenously because the crucial vitamin travels directly through the muscles before entering the circulatory system. This process completely bypasses the GI tract! You will feel these benefits rapidly and be able to tackle any task with ease! If you would like more information on our pure energy boost you can check out our page here.  if you would like to book an appointment you can reach us at our email, reservations@infuzio.com or contact us at our number 561-756-9251

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