How IV Therapy Benefits the Immune System

IV therapy has been known to have a great deal of benefits and uses, so it’s no surprise if you’ve already heard of it or had it recommended. One benefit that often comes as a bonus to most cases involving IV Therapy is a boost to the immune system. To help you better understand the general nature of IV therapy and its benefits to your immune system, here is a comprehensive overview to walk you through it!

What is IV therapy? At its simplest, intravenous therapy (IV therapy) is a therapy that delivers liquid medication and substances directly into a vein either through injections or infusions. Various forms of IV therapy have been shown to help in cases of nutrition, buffer solutions to help with acidosis or alkalosis, various medications, weight loss and more.

Vascular surgeon Chris Meyer always stresses the importance of veins in relation to the rest of the body:

“An important thing to note about veins and any relevant treatments and therapies related to them is that they are a complete system throughout your body. IV Therapy has so much diverse potential since veins are spread throughout the entirety of your body, so it’s no wonder there is so much potential.”

If you’ve heard that there may be appropriate IV therapy for a condition or concern of yours, it is absolutely worth looking into and can be a huge game changer.

How Does it Boost Immune Systems?

The most important part of IV therapy is the contents of the fluid you are putting into your circulatory system. Since IV therapy goes directly into your bloodstream, the impacts of these beneficial contents are far more potent and can get to work right away, improving your overall health and immune system much quicker than with any other method. Additionally, the core of all IV therapy is, of course, fluids. This promotes hydration in the quickest and most effective manner, directly helping your body stay sharp and attentive to any potential problems.

Not only can being hydrated actively help to keep you healthy, but it can help you avoid a range of problems and ultimately weaken your immune system as a whole. Whether you are actively trying to fight a cold or illness or you simply want to be prepared, staying hydrated can make all the difference. Ultimately, IV therapy is amazing for the immune system because it boosts everything your body needs to stay healthy and fight off problems. Choosing Infuzio’s iDEFEND can make the biggest difference in giving your body the defense system it needs to fend off cold and viruses.

Other Benefits to IV Therapy

Aside from the clear boost in immunity, IV therapy can also provide a number of other benefits over other options.

Other major areas that can be greatly helped by IV therapy include:

● Depression and anxiety
● Memory
● Infections
● Autoimmune conditions
● Migraines
● Detoxing
● Fatigue
● Neurological conditions
● Weight loss
● And more!

Plus, above all, IV therapy is quick and powerful due to its direct contact with your veins and circulatory system overall. Any oral or respiratory solutions have extra steps before entering your bloodstream, so it makes sense that this is the strongest approach.

If you’re looking for something that could really turn the tides, the power behind IV therapy may be the answer. If you feel that your situation could be benefitted by IV therapy, it’s definitely worth discussing with your doctor or scheduling a consultation with a specialist. Not only are there so many different uses for it, it also is a great boost for your immune system and has a nature that can boost your life in numerous other ways! For more great advice, information and overall content, be sure to browse through our other fantastic blog posts and keep up with our latest updates!

Guest Blog Post by Tori Lutz, Graduate from Florida State University.

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