Why IV Vitamin Therapy is Better than your Multivitamin

What is IV Therapy?

IV therapy is a new, innovative way to bring vital concentrations of vitamins directly into your bloodstream. The process that we provide offers you instant relief and improved health benefits within seconds. Our trained medical professionals take great pride in carefully servicing our patients.

Traditional Vitamins

Over-the-counter oral vitamins are helpful, but they often don’t absorb into the body properly, which mitigates their purpose. Oral vitamins can cause many digestion issues as well. Many people take daily vitamins like fish oil, vitamin C, vitamin A, B12 and iron— these vitamins are available over-the-counter, so they are easily accessible, but don’t always end up working as intended.

The other major problem with taking over-the-counter oral vitamins is liver damage. People with stressed livers are not able to absorb oral vitamins due to a lack of bile production. Vitamin A specifically can cause liver damage in cases of long-term use. Also fillers that act as a vehicle for the important ingredients are playing against the reason you take these vitamins in the first place.

Cutting out the Middle Man

Besides cutting out the excess filler, IV vitamin therapy puts concentrated vitamins directly in your bloodstream— skipping the process in which your body processes the product.

Traditional vitamins take a path through the body by first absorbing in stomach acid, then passing through organs like your kidney and liver.

Our IV Therapy

The IV therapy services we offer include a range of treatments targeted to combat dehydration, obesity, vitamin deficiency, energy deficiency and common illness. This intravenous method gives our patients instant relief with 100% vitamin and mineral absorption.

Infuzio uses tailored formulas to treat the specific issues you want results for. We use a combination of vitamins, amino acids, electrolytes, antioxidants and minerals to give our patients the most rejuvenating experience. The health benefits will be seen immediately with our IV vitamin therapy, making it the most rapid and efficient treatment option.

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