Flush Out Seasonal Allergies With IV Therapy

The sun is shining, the birds are buzzing, and the flowers are out. That’s right — it is officially springtime in Florida. Which means it is also allergy season.

Yes, the sun may be lingering a few hours longer each day. But so is the pollen, dust, and mold that brings about those inconvenient seasonal allergies.

If you don’t want to be coughing, sneezing, or letting hay fever keep you snuffed up all day, what are you to do? Should you head out to the nearest Walgreens to stock up on Claritin and saline sprays?

Here at Infuzio, we think there’s a better solution. That is, we offer a better solution: IV therapy, the direct infusion of anti-inflammatory and anti-histamine vitamins, minerals and compounds directly into your bloodstream.

How IV Fluids Flush Out Your Allergens

A short time ago, one of Infuzio’s out-of-town clients — let’s call her Allie — came in for a consultation with our Medical Director, Dr. John Disilvestro. She’d been experiencing an itchy, runny nose, a dry cough, and a general decrease in productivity at work due to incessant discomfort.

Now let’s fast-forward exactly one week later, when Allie came into the Infuzio office for a follow-up appointment. She expressed her amazement at the fact that she was 100% symptom free, and without further ado, she returned to work feeling fresh and as good as new.

What happened, you ask? The answer is simple: our medical team diagnosed and then treated her symptoms with Infuzio’s iEnergize infusion cocktail.

When Allergens Come In…

Allie was a recurring client of Infuzio’s, so it was known that she’d had a history of springtime allergies — with pollen, in particular — and also that she lived in a community with many flowers that bloomed and released allergens into her atmosphere.

Her symptoms were as follows:

Dr. Disilvestro promptly diagnosed these symptoms as allergic rhinitis, a condition in which her mucous membranes had become inflamed when she had inhaled a foreign substance (i.e. pollen). Being particularly sensitive to this allergen, her immune system produced antibodies. These antibodies then triggered a bodily reaction that released histamine, which is the chemical usually responsible for all the itching and swelling that accompany seasonal allergies.

The body has numerous ways of dealing with foreign or allergic substances, but histamine release is one of the most common. And inflammation is one of the most commonly reported symptoms of an allergic reaction that triggers histamines.

In the nose, it manifests as congestion and a running nose. On the skin, it’s often a rash. And everywhere on the body, inflammation drastically reduces comfort, productivity, and quality of life. So, it’s imperative that they be flushed out and that your body be restored to maximum health & allergen-free status.

…Infusions Flush Them Right Out

And that’s exactly what IV infusions did for Allie, and for every client who has used them to treat their seasonal allergies. IV fluids literally flush out allergens, and select cocktails are also bolstered by anti-nausea, anti-inflammatory and/or steroidal medications that streamline the process of recovery.

When most people think about treatment for allergies, the first thing that comes to mind is anti-histamines. However, any reputable source on the matter will also emphasize the role that hydration plays. The reason for this is simple: when it responds to allergies, your body is already using its own fluids to try to flush out the irritants.

Congestion, itchy and watery eyes — these are your body’s attempts to detoxify itself and keep exposure to a minimum. With IV fluids, however, this process is systematic. A steady drip of fluids relieves your body of the stress it would otherwise go. In addition, direct intravenous infusion of these fluids provides the benefit of immediate and long-lasting relief.

Infusing for Allergy Relief: Your Treatment Options

Each of the seven IV treatments Infuzio offers contains different substances and works a bit differently. While each of them provides the direct hydration your body needs to flush out the offending allergens, there are certain cocktails that we would recommend for this express purpose. They are: iEnergize, iRecover, and iRestore.

iEnergize – $145.00

iRestore – $115.00

iRecover – $255.00

Each of these treatments contains key vitamins and minerals that will prove invaluable in your recovery from allergies. Two of them (iRestore and iRecover), can also be optionally bolstered by anti-inflammatory and/or anti-emetic medications — which we highly recommend for certain allergic reactions.


Magnesium is essential to not only hydration and re-hydration, but also muscle-relaxing and promoting anti-inflammatory reactions. In combination with other medications, this electrolyte will also relax the upper airway and help alleviate such symptoms as dry coughs/wheezes and breathing difficulties.

Ascorbic Acid (Vitamin C)

Vitamin C is almost a panacea for any commonly occuring ailment, from ulcers to the common cold. It not only acts as an anti-oxidant that lowers histamine levels in the bloodstream (by as much as 40%, according to some reports), but it is also extremely effective in the treatment of allergic symptoms, which include: coughing, sneezing, upper respiratory infections, skin rashes, anemia, and chest pain.

B Vitamins

Each of the aforementioned solutions includes a combination of B vitamins, including folate, B-12, and B100 complex. Each cocktail is strategically engineered to augment the benefits of the B vitamins it contains. These benefits include: immune system augmentation, free radical detoxification, mood and sleep regulation, and energy production.

Anti-Inflammatory Medication

Infuzio’s iRecover treatment may also contain a 1ml/30mg dose of the anti-inflammatory medication Toradol, which is optional and can be added to the solution on a gratis basis. Steroidal anti-inflammatory medications such as this are proven to stabilize the mast cells that are responsible for releasing histamines in response to allergens. Bolstering infusions with Toradol has helped innumerable Infuzio clients diminish the effect of allergic reactions and stabilize any resultant inflammation.

Infuzio and the IV treatments we provide have widely been hailed as the future of wellness. Direct infusion of vitamins and fluids has not only been demonstrated to be effective on a scientific and academic basis, but it is also infinitely more convenient and comfortable than the alternatives.

So ditch the netty pot and toss the antihistamines. If you desire immediate, long-lasting recovery from seasonal allergies, there’s only one solution. Give us a call at (561) 571-8579 & experience it firsthand!