Am I a candidate for infusion therapy?

Treatments can be administered to all adults above the age 18 who do not suffer from certain severe medical conditions. Our well trained medical staff will screen each individual to ensure treatment is safe and appropriate.

Are there any side effects to treatment?

Medicinal compounds and fluids are manufactured in a pharmaceutical company under strict FDA regulations. Therapy is well tolerated with few reports of minor irritation during infusion or post injection. Compounds are non-allergenic. Please report all allergies to our staff prior to administration of treatment.

How are treatments administered?

IV infusions will require a very small needle called a peripheral catheter to be inserted by a certified Medical Technician in the upper arm. The area of skin will be “numbed” with topical anesthetic and sterilized prior to insertion to ensure absolute comfort and safety. The peripheral catheter will be painlessly removed upon completion of therapy allowing immediate skin healing.

What is the duration of treatment?

IV infusions require 30-45 minutes to administer at which time you will experience pure relaxation in the comfort of our treatment facility.

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